Two Nations

There are two types of nations on the inside of you, procrastination and determination. The two nations constantly fight against each other. Procrastination tells the person to be a "pro" or a "master" at waiting until the last second to do something. Procrastination says, not now but later and by later I mean some time in the distant future. Determination on the other hand is focused on starting and finishing with absolute focus. Determination will drive you all the way to the finish line in record time. The focus at Mason Run is to make sure that students have determination to start and finish the job of earning a high school diploma. With a committed staff and an excellent curriculum procrastination will always lose the battle to determination at Mason Run. 

Mason Run High School's First Graduation Class

We are excited to announce the first graduating class of Mason Run High School. Cameron McKenney, Sandy Mohammad, and Dominique Pirtle worked hard and earned their high school diploma. Now they are focused on attending college. Sandy Mohammad will be attending Columbus State Community College where she will study nursing. Dominique Pirtle will attend Columbus State Community College and study early childhood education. Cameron McKenney will major in education at Central State University. 

Individualized Instruction

At Mason Run, individualized instruction is at the core of our approach.  Our learning software, APEX, allows students to be self-paced.  In addition, teachers supply supplemental lessons, one-on-one assistance, and set daily instructional goals for each student.

We recognize each student is unique and has their own preferences, styles, and strengths when it comes to learning.  Individualized instruction is one of the foundational interventions for academic achievement across all subject areas.